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A speaker you'll talk about again and again.

Cheryl has a portfolio of talks designed to get your team thinking differently about change, culture, and inclusion. Mixing behavioural science with real world applications, and a few laughs along the way, Cheryl delivers actionable content your team will talk about again and again.

Women in Leadership

In this talk Cheryl gets deep into what the research says about what works, what doesn't, and why when it comes to improving the representation of women in leadership roles. Moving beyond the simplicity of 'confidence' and 'imposter syndrome' Cheryl leaves the audience motivated to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Networks & Neuroscience

Your network is more than just who you know, and career development is about more than mentors. In this neuroscience based talk, Cheryl dives into how the brain experiences social networking sessions and why you should focus on the strength of your weak ties.

Innovation & Change

If you want to promote change and build a culture where people thrive, you need to cross the chasm. Borrowing from Roger's diffusion of innovation, Cheryl explains why you should avoid the majority and go for the innovators if you want ideas to catch on.

Embracing Discomfort

'Step out of your comfort zone' is great advice but it lacks nuance. In this talk, Cheryl explores why people should embrace discomfort if they want to accomplish their goals, and offers practical ways they can do that in their daily lives. 

1130 - 30 minute pre event call Cheryl & Harpreet (230 x 50 px) (7).png
1130 - 30 minute pre event call Cheryl & Harpreet (230 x 50 px) (5).png
1130 - 30 minute pre event call Cheryl & Harpreet (230 x 50 px) (4).png

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