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About Cheryl

How it started

My story is simple. I got dropped by my acting agent when I was 15 because my teacher wouldn't let me miss a test for an audition. The role went to Jennifer Lawrence. At university I switched my major four times, finishing with a BSc in brain and cognition sciences. I then moved from Canada to England because when my cousin's friend came over to pick up some eggs she said it was a nice place to live. I googled 'top 10 paying jobs in 2020' and didn't think I had the focus for brain surgery, but thought 'organisational psychologist sounds fun.'

How it's going 

Three degrees later, I'm 'not that kind of doctor' and dedicate my time to helping people get comfortable with being uncomfortable. My work is inspired by years of trying to make myself smaller to fit into the boxes we create for attention grabbing women. I now specialise in applying behavioural science to explain real world situations - empowering women to take ownership, do less of the stuff they hate, and chase fulfilling careers. Let's put an end to burnout, boring workplaces, and loneliness. I'm thrilled you're here! 

Ready to Kickstart Your Career Journey?

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