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Conflicts of Interest

This page is designed to uphold the value of transparency and accountability. Any concerns, please reach out!

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

My primary area of work is applying behavioural science to equality, diversity, and inclusion work. I showcase this work in the financial services and higher education, while also consulting for related industries.

​Advice and Services

I am an organisational psychologist with a PhD. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I a clinical psychologist. I am not licensed to, nor do I, provide mental health support to those struggling with their careers or personal life.


I currently work in financial services but I am not licensed to transact on securities, provide advice regarding financial portfolios, or discuss any services or products. These discussions do not come up nor are they a topic in any of my talks or services.  

Income Sources 

My current employer is Lloyds Banking Group, where I am the Inclusion and Diversity Manager for the Risk Function. My extended work as a keynote speaker and where I run training sessions, panel participation, panel moderation, and master of ceremony duties are, roughly 50% of the time, outside the responsibilities of this role.


I have an ongoing significant relationship with the University of Leeds where I am a consulting researcher, working with National Highways and their partners.  


Outside of my obligations of employment with Lloyds Banking Group, my ideas and content are representative of my ideas and not my employers.

My companies

In 2021, I founded PeopleGaps, a training program for people in EDI related roles. It is not diversity training – it is training for those with EDI as part of their role description, including those in HR and similar disciplines.

Disclosing conflicts

I am under obligation to inform my employers of any work conducted outside of my employment duties. Although rare, there may be instances where I am unable to speak at your event or provide services. Should this be the case, I will do my best to refer you to other speakers of similar expertise. It should be noted that in all my activity to date this has not occurred and in every instance, I’ve been permitted to speak.

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