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Cheryl is all about simplicity and transparency. Send an email for a quick, upfront quote to get exactly what you need.



Ready to move from words to action? Cheryl delivers an unforgettable experience with a talk that's packed with tangible actions rooted in scientific rigor.

Corporate videos.

Cheryl writes, films, and edits corporate videos based on industry and company needs. These are entertaining, informative, and produced to an exceptionally high standard.

Podcasts & Appearances.

Cheryl is always happy to be a guest on whatever platform and medium you love. She did a PhD so she could share the knowledge, not hoard it. 


PeopleGaps is an online training programme for developing effective equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives and task forces. It's everything Cheryl learned in her PhD turned into a 12 week training course.


Always a fan of dabbling, Cheryl's worked alongside corporate clients to MC events, host panels, and Chair EDI strategy meetings. 

Workshops & Training.

Often as part of her PeopleGaps services, Cheryl offers bespoke workshops and trainings on a range of topics that fall within her expertise. 


Keynote Speaking

Cheryl speaks on a range of topics, including...

Inclusive Design

A thought provoking deep dive into the biases that exist within our systems, and how we can change our processes to be more inclusive by design

Science led Careers

Choosing a career at 18 that you'll love at 45 is increasingly difficult. Explore the science of careers and learn how to adapt with your changing goals

Decision Making

The science of decision making is often forgotten when we talk about organisational change. Learn how to make optimal decisions based on a range of cognitive processes

Change your mind

The world needs people who can dabble in different activities. Changing your mind is about being willing to try new things and allow your character to evolve in an ever changing world

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