Who am I?

I'm an organisational psychologist and I want to help foster connection. My day job is Inclusion & Diversity Manager/Storyteller/Researcher, and I'm an expert in equity, diversity, and inclusion at work. I'm a recovering workaholic, an amateur actor, a writer, and a fitness enthusiast. On my 100th birthday I want people to say "damn it if she doesn't know how to make a room laugh."

I'm thrilled you're here. 

Best, Cheryl 

My Mission

I have two missions in life. The first is to create things that make people say "wait, so I'm not the only one who feels like that!?" and the second is to be good enough at my job to be interviewed on ArmChair Expert Podcast (there, I said it! Dream big, kids!). I want to stop worrying and start innovating, to stop being afraid of looking stupid and just do sh*t I enjoy. The resources I ceate and the content I put out are curated to dispel myths about work, to encourage innovative thought, and to give you room to breathe as you discover what it is you really enjoy.