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Cheryl Hurst

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"A real go getter. Always has a backpack."     I   Preet Banerjee, CEO of MoneyGaps


Entertaining, smart, and perfectly unpredictable

Known for being unapologetically herself, Cheryl delivers keynote addresses that keep her audiences laughing, learning, and above all else - empowered to be their authentic selves. She mixes behavioural insight with real world examples to give tangible ways to create inclusive cultures. 

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"Once you accept that the brain named itself, getting on stage in your underpants is easy."

From losing a commercial to Jennifer Lawrence to running through the Yorkshire Dales with a chainsaw, Cheryl's been entertaining audiences since she was old enough to hold a rubber chicken. Whether it's a panel show, podcast, acting gig, or something else entirely - Cheryl delivers with authentic ease. 


Bringing scientific rigor to equity, diversity, and inclusion work

Putting her Doctorate and industry experience to good use, Cheryl is the founder of PeopleGaps - a learning programme that gives your team everything you need to know about effective equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. It's not diversity training. It's a PhD in your pocket. 

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