Doing things 
differently. Because great minds 
don't think alike.

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This is me

There's plenty of passion in the equity, diversity, and inclusion space. But passion isn't enough to create substantial, sustainable change. That's why I did a PhD and why I spend my time identifying design flaws that prevent behaviour change.  Through analytical insight and real world application, I move beyond lip service to deliver results.

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Creative Initiatives


I advise companies
on equity, diversity, and inclusion action

My objective is to change the narrative around equity, diversity, and inclusion action and initiatives. It's not about ticking boxes, complicated processes, or sitting through endless training. It's about using organisational behaviour research to understand how we make decisions, de-bias our systems (not our behaviours), and learn to think differently. 

The truth is, great minds don't think alike. Except when it comes to promoting innovation and supporting creative thought. Let's work together to do things differently and get things done. 


Here are some of the services I offer:


My keynote brings life back to EDI. I offer an entertaining and informative talk to inspire your team.


Need one hour or a week? My consultancy involves EDI initiatives, cultural audits, and 1-1 feedback sessions. 

Video Creation

Want bespoke training videos? From script writing to editing, I've got you covered.

EDI Training

My company, PeopleGaps, offers training packages for EDI committees and people with EDI in their role.