Doing things 
differently. Because great minds 
don't think alike.

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What I'm about...

As an organisational psychologist, my objective is for people to do less of what they hate. I want to change the narrative around our work and our lives to recognise that inclusive cultures benefit everyone. There's plenty of passion in the equity, diversity, and inclusion space. But passion isn't enough to create substantial, sustainable change. That's why I did a PhD and why I spend my time analysing what works, what doesn't - and why.  Through analytical insight and real world application, I move beyond lip service to deliver results.

It's not about ticking boxes, complicated processes, or sitting through endless training. Nor is it about pointing blame. It's about using organisational behaviour to de-bias our systems (not our behaviours), and learn to be comfortable taking a risk.

The truth is, great minds don't think alike. Except when it comes to promoting innovation and supporting creative thought. Let's work together to do things differently and get things done. 


What I Offer


My talks range from fireside chats with recent graduates to keynote speeches on inclusion & diversity with 1000+ attendees. We can work together to find the themes that best suit your needs.

MC & Event Hosting

It can be scary to find the right host who understands how to balance humour with company policy. As an Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion expert with a background in comedy, I'm uniquely qualified to add energy to any event without you having to worry about what I'll say next.

Online Training

I'm the founder of PeopleGaps, an online equity, diversity, and inclusion training course that offers everything from definitions to building EDI task forces. It' the ultimate tool for leaders looking to support a true, sustainable difference in their company culture.


I'm an occasional writer for various online mediums. I'm also currently writing my first book to be finished in 2024. My writing tends to be comedic, light hearted, and for an intelligent but non specialised audience.


I speak, write, and create on the importance of working

together to think differently.