Media and awards

Blog: Merit and Academia

My blog on merit in Academia was featured on the University of Leeds Research and Innovation Blog site. The post discusses how definitions of merit change depending on the context, making it a moving target in decision making. Click here to view. 

Partnership awards

I was honoured to be a part of the Leeds University Business School Partnership awards in 2019 and 2020. I was nominated and awarded runner up both years for excellence in teaching. Click here for more 

Research Feature

Our research on moving from diversity initiatives to a culture of inclusion has been in the spotlight after a successful round table event featuring a range of panel experts. Click here for more 

Student Resources

Private Youtube channel

Videos on request by students

I make videos for graduate and undergraduate students and students with english as an additional language. The videos on my channel now are for students doing their MA in Human Resource Management at the University of Leeds.

Custom Video

Suitable for Your Needs

Looking to make a video for your students or school? The ones currently on my site are personal and individualized for my own students (therefore informal and conversational) however I also produce content for others. Please get in touch. 

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