About Me

Postdoctoral Research fellow in gender, equality, and inclusion at work

University of Leeds, UK
Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change (CERIC)

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I finished my PhD in February 2020 and wanted to hit the ground running. Fuelled by coffee and curiosity, I had ideas about what I was going to publish, where I was going to present, and how I wanted to be seen as an early career researcher. By mid-march, the world was facing a global pandemic that left (and continues to leave) many questions unanswered. My plans changed and our future looks very different. While my day-to-day continues to be focused on producing high quality publications, I am now also dedicating time and energy into learning more about this online world. 


When it comes to producing online content, I recognize the importance of being accessible and easy to understand while maintaining the professionalism that underpins academia. If you are looking for an engaging, friendly, and flexible speaker (with high quality audio and visual equipment) to discuss gender and inequality at work, please get in touch.

I am incredibly proud to work alongside others in my department who continue to produce important research with impact.


You can visit the CERIC page here and my staff page here

My current job role includes producing publications based on my PhD thesis under the guidance of my mentors. Within the dissertation, I cover topics such as the structural, cultural, and individual reasons for persistent gender inequality. I focus on women's underrepresentation in leadership roles, and work to examine why the focus on gender equality has translated into 'fixing women.'  

My research responds (broadly) to two key questions: why does gender inequality at work persist, and how is this uneven status quo (particularly at leadership level) maintained?  

I am a dissertation supervisor, seminar leader, and occasional lecturer for students completing their degrees at the University of Leeds. Based on student requests, I create focused and simplified videos on complex academic topics. As a research fellow, I also have the opportunity to begin my own research project and get involved with other research teams at the university. Plans for my future project are underway.

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