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Areas of interest: gender (in)equality | diversity management | leadership | discourse analysis | behavioural design | inclusion | HRM | OB

Hi, I'm Cheryl.
I'm passionate about diversity and inclusion at work.

An organizational psychologist by training, my research combines a passion for equality with a keen curiosity about organizational behaviour. I am currently working on projects that examine the effectiveness of gender equality initiatives from the perspective of leader behaviour, and how ideas and concepts related to equality, diversity, and inclusion become a part of institutional practice.​

Manuscripts in progress

I'm currently working on publications and research projects that extend from my PhD

Problematizing Merit in Higher education

What is merit? How is it defined and who decides? My research helps us better understand how leaders and decision makers define merit and how these definitions affect diversity and equality goals.

Beyond Resistance as a Dichotomy

Adopting elements from institutional theory, my research re-examines what we mean when we talk about 'resistance,' identifying who is resisting equality related change and how we can shift this narrative to better achieve our goals. 

Reconceptualizing the inclusive organization

Is there really a difference between diversity and inclusion? Is it a trend, or here to stay? Using evidence from both the public and private sector, this projects identifies different trends and best practice for the 'inclusive organization'

Reviews from Students

I am an experienced seminar leader and guest lecturer. I take pride in my pedagogical style and student evaluations reflect my efforts to be engaging and inclusive.


Looking for a virtual speaker or just want to learn more about my research?

Engaging & Interesting

I have to say Cheryl is by far one of my best seminar leaders I have had throughout my 3 years at Leeds. She is so engaging, makes the class extremely interesting and related this to course content. These have clearly been well planned in advance to make the most out of the sessions.


Cheryl is so enthusiastic and made every seminar engaging and extremely informative. The teaching for both the seminars and lectures is in my opinion the highest standard of teaching I have experienced at university.

Passionate & Knowledgeable

Very engaging undergraduate seminars, Cheryl really helped provide contextual understanding to the topics. The seminars for this module have been very engaging and I think Cheryl Hurst is an excellent seminar leader as she is passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects she is teaching.

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